About Us

Team Leader
Name: Hao Liu
Age: 23
Birthday: May 30th
Schoold: NYIT
Favorite Vocation: Business Manager
Favorite Book: The World Is Flat
Favorite Movie: Leon, Inception, Avatar
Favorite quote: Nothing Is Impossible
Team Members
Name: Hong Chen
Age: 21
Birthday: Sep 12th
School: NYIT
Hobbies: Traveling, Reading, Badminton
           Name: Kai Chen
           Age: 22
           Bithday: March 6th
           School: NYIT      
           Hobbies: Music, Movies


           Name: Hua Fang
           Age: 21
           Birthday: N/A
           School: NYIT
           Favorite Book: Fiction 100
           Favorite Movie: Billionaire
           Favorite Quote: Believe in yourself,that's the secret of success
           Hobbies: Almost all kinds of music. Work Out, make friends