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Masters of Science in Instructional Technology

View student e-portfolios created in EDIT 620 The Role of the Computer Coordinator - Spring 2008  with Professor Stein
Each student promises to abide by the NYCDOE IAUP.

Each student is applying for a ficticious, high paying District Technology Coordinator position. Who would you hire?
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Please review LaGuardia College. Link
How do they do ther eporotolios

Compare and contrast our FREE googlepages and Teachertube video

What is the stated purpose of your e-portfolio

What additional pages do you need?

Evidence 620 course goals.


Coming up!!!! First your presentation of "In Support of Technology in Education".

School technology plan


What is it- What is a good one- prove you know!


Agenda Session 1

Syllabus Course Requirements - Obtain gmail and googlepages accounts with specific instructions. Create your e-portfolio home page.  View with a search on "professor stein" - 
Assignments due for Session 2
Bring printed portfolio supplies, flash drive, confirm ordering textbooks, create an intro.doc and complete iaup.doc for your e-portfolio making requested heading changes.