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       Throughout its history, the Nye Family of America Association, Inc. has drawn its primary financial support from its members in the form of dues, donations and bequests.  We have also received many antiques as gifts, and of course volunteers help us with various tasks.

         There are two groups of people we seek as members – Nye descendants who are interested in their roots here in East Sandwich.  We also have members, mostly local folks, who appreciate the work we are doing with Homestead restoration and special events, bringing back “the old look” in our Old County Road location, and other work with local history.  If you fit into one of these categories please join as a member, and help us continue into the future.  Join us in maintaining a beautiful historic Cape Cod family homestead, conducting research, and interpreting local history and early American lifestyle.

Contributions are tax deductible.  Federal I.D. number under Sec. 501 C3 of the IRS code is: 23-7132163.  If you wish to join the Association (not necessary to be a Nye) annual dues payable at the beginning of the year are $20 for an individual, $30 for a family, $60.00 for a contributor, $100.00 for a Hearth Circle, $250.00 for a 1670 Society, and $350 for a single Life Membership.


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If you would like to help us out during various activities, please fill out the form and mail it to:
  Nye Family Association of America, Inc
  P. O. Box 134
  East Sandwich, MA 02537-0134
  email to: nyeassoc@comcast.net or call (508)-888-4213
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