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Family Reunion

The Nye 26th Family Reunion

            The Nye Family of America Association., Inc. holds a reunion for its members every two years at the Benjamin Nye Homestead & Museum and adjacent Grange Hall, in East Sandwich, Massachusetts.  This years event will be held on Saturday September 16, 2017

         Typically, there is a morning business meeting, which also serves as the Annual Meeting for that year.  There are reports which review the recent activities of the Association, and members are encouraged to speak or make brief presentations.  A luncheon will be held at the Pilot House restaurant at 2 PM., and there are afternoon and evening programs – a day of fun, friendship and re-acquaintance.  


2015 Reunion:  Saturday September 19th, 2015

The 2015 Nye Reunion Group Picture   To download a full size printable copy of this group picture click here.
For more pictures of the Reunion click here.

 As usual, the Reunion took place at the Grange Hall next door to the Benjamin Nye Homestead & Museum, 91 Old County Road, East Sandwich, MA. The hall was  opened at 9 AM for checking in and fellowship, with coffee and doughnuts available.
The business meeting began at 10. During the meeting members had an opportunity to share greetings, comments, and ask questions.
At the conclusion of the meeting we assembled in front of the Homestead & Museum for a group photo.

AFTER THE MEETING - The hour or so between the group photo and 1 PM lunch was an opportunity for attendees to socialize, visit the Homestead and Museum, walk the beautiful grounds, including The Neck, across from the Homestead.

LUNCH - This year we returned to an old favorite: a New England clambake, prepared for us by the Osterville Fish Company in the Grange Hall. Three choices were available: Lobster, steak or chicken, served with clam chowder, mussels, steamers, corn, potatoes, linguicia, coleslaw, dinner rolls and watermelon.

EVENING PROGRAM - We returned to the Grange Hall at 7 PM for more fellowship, refreshments. At 7:30 Executive Director and historian John Nye Cullity presented a slideshow and talk entitled “Cedarville Revisited”. This presentation showed how the Nye Homestead and watermills became the nucleus of a small but bustling settlement, which became known as Cedarville. Threaded throughout the talk there were readings from “Our Village, or, Old Times and New” , a wonderful poem about the neighborhood written in 1857 by Joseph B. Hall, who grew up in the Hall Tavern a stone’s throw from our Homestead & Museum.

If you are planning to attend the next reunion, or just planning a visit to the Nye Homestead, we have compiled a list of some nearby
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