Disaster Case Management

To join this committee please contact newyorkcityvoad@gmail.com  

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Case Management Committee- Member Organizations


Rockaway Emergency Support Tea, (REST)

Catholic Charities

United Sikhs


New York Mortgage Coalition

Catholic Charities/NYS Disaster Case Management Program

Overview & Vision

The NYC Disaster Case Management[1] Planning Group is a hands-on collaboration of service providers focused on disaster planning and recovery services with a client centered approach.  It is not event or organization specific and takes an all hazards approach across all sectors.  This group currently meets on a monthly basis and is open to interested government and non-government agencies that may play a role in service provision or case management to people impacted by disasters.  The group aims to minimize duplication of efforts and services and to educate participating agencies on disaster planning and recovery processes so that agencies can provide efficient, effective, and compassionate human services.

[1] This group was formerly known as the Service Coordination/CAN Planning Group. We changed our name in January 2010 to remain consistent with similar groups at the local, regional, and national levels.  We will still plan for Service Coordination, which is a system of coordinated disaster case management.  Service Coordinators perform assessment, counseling, crisis intervention, referral and advocacy for each client based on a comprehensive, individualized recovery plan that addresses disaster-caused or disaster-aggravated needs and supports each clients’ return to self-sufficiency.

Link to Disaster Case Management's regional portal on the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN) website:


Jun 17, 2010, 1:00 PM