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6 Month Smiles Example 3


Trust the dentist that other dentists trust!  Here is a patient who is also a dentist!  She wanted to straighten her teeth, but didn't want to spend 2+ years wearing regular braces or have any teeth extracted.  Dr. No and the patient decided that it would be more satisfactory to do palatal expansion to make the upper arch slightly bigger.  After wearing removal palatal expansion device for only 3 months, Six Month Smiles treatment was started.  We are in the final stages of treatment, and we will be done in total of 7 months of Six Month Smiles treatment. 

Six Month Smiles 4


Implants made simple and predictable


2 Mini Implants for Implant Supported Denture in an hour



 We are a full service dental office in Chinatown, NYC.  We offer a great dental service at competitive fees.  We utilize the latest equipments such as digital x-ray, rotary files, intra oral camera, and best materials such as Kerr, Kurray, 3M, Osstem, Zoom, Six Month Smiles, Invisalign, E Max. PFM or all porcealin crowns and veneers.  Our clean, safe, and comfortable office will keep your mind at ease.  Our doctor's outstanding technique, experience, and know-how will put your dental fears to rest.


  • does it hurt? - We will try our best to keep your procedures pain free, quick, and comfortable as possible.
  • how much? - Our fees are very competitive and by becoming a 'family' member, you will enjoy additional benefits of free prophy, free emergency exam, and unlimited x-ray including panograph when deemed necessary.
  • how long does it take? - Before each patients are treated, we will give a comprehensive treatment plan that will include an estimate of how long each procedure, when it will be complete, and how much it will cost.
  • what insurances do you take? - We take most private insurance as well as government issued insurances such as Medicaid.  Call us to see if take your insurance.
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