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We are EnExT Consultants, a NYC SEO company who delivers results. This page will discuss what to look for in a SEO company, what makes one company different from another, and why you should hire us to do your SEO so you can get more targeted leads and customers for your business.
What should you look for in a NYC SEO company? 

A top SEO company will be ahead of the curve. They will implement strategies that are working now. This is very difficult to determine, however. I'm sure when you're running your business, you are looking to follow best practices. Same goes for a SEO company, they must follow best practices. There are a few ways to determine if they are following best practices by asking the right questions. One good question to ask is what rankings do you have that you can prove you can secure page 1 rankings. If they don't have any page 1 rankings they are either a brand new company or they are not following best practices. Another good question is what are the #1 rankings doing that you will implement to secure top rankings for my company. If they can't physically show you the best practices that the #1 rankings are implementing, they don't qualify as a top company. As difficult as SEO is to perform, it can be simple like anything else. If they use the right tools they will be able to find the right information to show what the top ranking sites are doing to rank high in Google.

What separates one company from another?

I will touch in some similar points but also dive into other points that show how to recognize a top quality company. Again, if they are better than other companies they will be following best practices. Further, they will be a company who realizes we live in a changing world, and Google is definitely no different. Google is constantly changing and adapting their algorithms to ensure that their visitors are getting the right information that they are looking for. Good companies adapt to these changes by constantly researching and seeing what changes were made in algorithms and what changes need to be implemented to take advantage of the changes and continue to secure top rankings. A top company will invest in themselves by implementing constant testing to find new ways of techniques that are working and aren't working.

Why you should hire us?

We believe the biggest difference between us and other companies is our humility. We're willing to invest in our SEO education and constantly be on the cutting edge to benefit our clients first hand. We are always making sure we are implementing best practices because we know that's what works. SEO is not a guessing game, it's a calculated approach like anything else. There are proven strategies and we implement those strategies to ensure proven results. We are also constantly testing and taking risks on our own sites to make sure we don't make risky decisions on our clients sites. We make sure we get top rankings for ourselves to prove to our clients we know what we're doing. And we take pride in the work we do for our clients because we know if we do a great job and make our clients money and help them grow their businesses that they will be happy with our work and help us get more clients to help them grow their businesses as well.

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