Michael J. Dilger

    Hello, my fellow New Yorkers! My name is Michael Dilger, and I'm running to be Mayor of New York City for 2013. Chances are you have not heard of me to which there is a very good reason, largely because I have not accepted any money from any organization nor person...not one contribution from anyone nor anything. I'm the root to the grass roots; I'm Of, BY, and For You, The People. When I'm elected, I'm there to do your will, the will to help every New Yorker realize their limitless beautiful talents and gifts to Flourish. We will turn New York City into the greatest city on earth for ALL people, while allowing all other cities around the world to follow our lead. So if you are happy with the current state of affairs in New York City, the rest of the United States and the world, please stick with the status quo. However, if you yearn for a chance to unlock your Divine gifts...well, Please vote: MICHAEL J. DILGER of FLOURISH: EVERY PERSON CAN SHINE LIKE THE SUN, Party on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5th. I'm making two promises: first, with your help, we can better life for all New Yorkers; Secondly, if by happenstance, you are not happy with my performance, you will not have to vote me out of office, because I will not seek another term. My promise to you is that if you give me a chance, I will use my Jesuit education to feverishly work day and night for all of you, striving and obtaining a "Natural Law 100% Utilitarian perspective"--that is to say, we will implement public policy to UNITE, raising up all people to realize and reach their full potential, leaving not one person behind. I know you will be pleased. Now to see what can be, let's unlock New Yorkers' limitless potential, and please vote: MICHAEL J. DILGER of FLOURISH: EVERY PERSON CAN SHINE LIKE THE SUN, PARTY on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5th, 2013. Thank you very much, and GOD Bless all of you, New York City, America and The World.

Peace and Magis (Strive for Excellence),

Mayor Dilger, NYC 2013

My twitter: Michael Dilger@nycmayordilger

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