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 What Young Insurance Defense Attorneys Are Saying--In Their Own Words

We rely on testimonials from our members. Please email your thoughts to: nycinsurancelaw@gmail.com. All names or details will be kept in strict confidence.

From a young NYC Insurance defense attorney:

"Seriously, [insurance defense] is so dry, boring, and silly.. What on earth are we attorneys contributing to this world.. Reviewing a policy and drafting a Reservation of Rights letter and writing status reports on cases that haven't changed in months is a complete waste of time...

The bottomline is that law sux.. It's boring, tedious and complicated. This is why most hate it, and steer clear of it. I go to court every day and am amazed at how backwards and old our system is. What's worse is that, practicing in the 5 boroughs of new york is just discusting. Nobody treats anyone with respect, the courthouses are 30-100 years old and are absolutely discusting. To accomplish anything takes a year and a day. Where the hell does all our tax money go? Why on earth do these courts just look embarrasing.. In the biggest city in this nation we have a court system that looks no better than a sewer. Ever go to Civil Bronx? It's like a jungle court.. There is no LAW practiced there- you could go in there w/ an 8th grade education and accomplish the same as what attorneys accomplish there on a daily basis.
This is why we went to law school?? Wtf..."

-"So great?", 2/1/07, [link]


From a Lawyer Who Resigned Because of Rampant Sexism, Racism, and Harassment:

"A toxic work environment can just RUIN it. I can see why attorneys go solo now.

It wasn't always nuts. Things went downhill after I was there for a year. The catalyst was this: the former bookeeper and the former associate were drawing unemployment benefits even though they only quit (they said on the app that they were laid off). the now former paralegal stayed, and intercepted the mail (here in IL, if an employer doesn't contest an app for unemployemnt, unemployment is paid). So senior partner never knew about this until the new bookkeeper started. Apparently this causes an employers tax to go up (employees drawing benefits). So ever since then, it's been this traveling freak show."

- "Dope Smoker, Esq.", 1/19/07, [link]

"My Senior Partner. . .  was terrible to the receptionist who was, by all definitions, hot. He would bother her about anal sex, and how she should let her bf do her up the ass, and that she shouldn't knock it till she tried it. He's tried to pull her onto his lap. He's grabbed her up in a titty pressing hug. Hell, last week she came into my OFFICE saying "i'm going to talk to DS now, L!" Why? B/c he was walking after her, breathing heavily in an obsence manner. N was not comfortable with this, and tried to deal with it the best she couuld. She's desperate for money.

With M, he'd always pretend to bust in the bathroom while she was changing her clothes.

This is ONE of the reasons why I QUIT."

- "Dope Smoker, Esq.", 1/19/07, [link]