More About NYC Debate

No experience necessary, and newcomers are always welcome 


More about NYC Debate

Debate Topics

How to Debate

Come learn how to debate and have fun debating topics you choose. You can improve your analytical thinking and public speaking skills too.

Meeting Location

We meet at a table in the Sony Public Atrium on Madison between 55th & 56th St. We'll have a sign up on the table so you can find us.

What You Can Expect

  • We'll start out with introductions so we can learn a little about each other
  • A little ice breaking
  • Overview of how to debate
  • Overview of Topic:
  • Choosing teams and sides - I encourage you to choose a side that you don't believe in to make it more fun, but your choice!
  • Debate starts! - Each person speaks for a few minutes introducing their ideas and countering the other team's ideas. We'll pause in between each person so you can discuss ideas with your team.
  • Final Discussion - we'll talk about what we liked and didn't like in the debate, and have a chance to say anything we didn't bring up at the time

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