Welcome to NY!

Welcome to this new adventure which is about to start. This year, you are going to do some research on New York, the City that Never Sleeps, and carry out different tasks towards a final product, a tourist guide of this awesome city. 

Image by Lucía Clarke López

Working on this project you will become familiar with New York: places to visit, its people and how they celebrate important festivities, ways of entertainment in the Big Apple and many other things. Besides, you will be developing most of the skills needed for acquiring meaningful learning such as the linguistic, digital, learning to learn, social and cultural competences, among others.

Furthermore, you will be putting into practice the 2º Bachillerato Learning Standards by working on the 4 skills needed when learning a 2nd language: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Ready?? Hey Ho, Let's Go!!! 

The Ramones

SUBJECT: English
ACADEMIC LEVEL: 2º Bachillerato
SCHOOL: IES Vicente Medina (Archena)
AUTHORS: Inma López