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Metro Business Cycles and Big Data on Unemployment Benefits

Principal investigators (University of Turku)

Henri Nyberg (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)

Antti Fredriksson (Turku School of Economics)

Jani Sainio (Turku School of Economics)


In this project, we aim to utilize a unique big data on micro-level (personal level) unemployment benefits in Finland when measuring and predicting the state of the economy. Measuring and predicting business cycle fluctuations is arguably the fundamental part of any decision making in economic policy with important reflections to various other areas in society at large. The improved information is a critical part of any informed decision making process: The more accurate forecasts the wiser and timely are the decisions of business managers and economic policymakers. Due to project’s regional component, this research is expected to have important reflections to various socioeconomic aspects such as areal development and income inequality,


More to follow in the near future.

This project is funded by the OP Group Research Foundation (2017)