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2015 RES-Q

Here is the current status, info, and progress made by team NYAN for the 2015 RES-Q challenge!
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Drive train test

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What is J.A.R.V.I.S.?

Jarvis is the name of the robot we designed to accomplish this years challenge. JARVIS is an acronym that stands for "Just A Rather Very Intelligent System"
This name refers to the popular AI in the Iron man comics. Our team members are huge marvel fans so it was only appropriate that we named our robot after something marvel.

Evolution of JARVIS

JARVIS 4.0 putting it all together
-system to press buttons
-new frame
-new drop sides to control debris decent
-new tank tread orientation
-color sensor
-Encoders on drive train
-Half tread system to control turns
-New Smart-turning System

Jarvis 3.0 was that start of the challenge accessories
-added zip-tie ball and block intake
-linear lift to raise debris to needed height
-drop system to control which side we drop debris

JARVIS 2.0 was the start of the testing with the tank tracks. 
-Added pull up arm.
 -We also are using custom tele-OP's


JARVIS 1.0 was an original component test to see if we could run the new system with K9 tele-OP

For more pictures of JARVIS click HERE

Components of Jarvis

Tank Tracks


Lift system

2 part drive train
(half tread system)