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Who are we?

NYAN (Not Your Average Nerds) is a second year team competing in the FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC). We are sponsored by Carmel Catholic High School as well as several local businesses. Carmel Catholic has NYAN as their Varsity team, and also has Corsair-bot as their Junior Varsity team. In FTC's Velocity Vortex Challenge, we design, build, program and test a robot in order to score points and win matches against other robots. During this process, we learn important skills based in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Our mission is to not only enhance our own STEM skills but also to foster an interest in robotics within the community and at our school. This season, we hosted or participated in many community-based outreach programs and workshops, inspiring youth with our BB-8, our Thor Hammer, and our robot. We also promote ourselves, Carmel Catholic, and its activities, STEM, robotics, and FIRST® on our website.

2015 FTC
Check out how Team NYAN is taking FTC's 2015 challenge first RES-Q!

2016 FTC
Check out how Team NYAN's progress in the Velocity Vortex Challenge!