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Project 8 is a display of our advanced robotics skills and unique design systems. This is a prototype/replica based off the star wars droid BB8. This is made using a sphere and the Sphero 2.0 design. The project requires no gyroscope and little power. With four wheels and one servo BB8 is simple and elegant.


  • Follow mode- autonomous mode that allows bb-8 to follow an IR beacon. This can be in someone's pocket or set in a place.

  • Presentation mode- This is autonomous mode that allows us to quickly show Project 8's capabilities to any judges of bystanders. It should run through a few commands and then stop.

  • Outreach mode- this is a continuous autonomous mode that enables project-8 to move around randomly using the random class in java and some ranges BB8 will move just like a robot

  • Driver assist mode- This is a mode designed to drive BB8 with the Logitech controllers. This should only require one controller and should be very simple considering there are only two wheels.

Project 8 is a real example of our thriving knowledge and need to learn about robotics outside of the competition.