Meet The Nerds


Kevin Coda
"Hey Bud"
-Build Team Lead- 

I'm 18 and I'm a senior at Carmel Catholic High School. In my free time I like to golf, snowboard, and listen to music. I am a
member of my school marching band, and I play the Alto saxophone and the ukulele.
 I founded my school's Robotics and Engineering club in 2012, and it has been thriving with new members ever since. In the future I plan on going to college for a  degree in computer engineering.

Jonathan Paulson
-Build Team -

I am 17 years old and attend Carmel Catholic High School. In the fall, I play on the varsity soccer team at Carmel while in the spring I play for the varsity tennis team. I am also a member on Carmel's Diversity Club, Math Team, and am on the Executive Board of the student government. In my free time I like to play a variety of video games as well as mess around with computers. In the future, I plan on going to college to study for a degree in computer engineering. 

Eric Machamer
"Pro V1"
-Marketing team lead-

I am 17 years old, and I am a senior at Carmel Catholic High School. I like to play golf, baseball, and basketball. I love to watch and play football and hockey. In school, I am part of the Robotics Club, Bowling Club, Boosters Club, Math Team, and Operation Snowball. During the spring and summer, I am a caddie at Biltmore Country Club. I love listening to music and going to the movies. In 2012, I helped my friends form the School Robotics Club, and I am currently the 2nd Vice President.

Aaron White


-Strategy Team Lead-

I am 17 years old an a senior at Carmel Catholic High School. I am trombonist playing in my school's marching and jazz bands.
 In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, watching anime, and reading.
 I co-founded my schools game design club this year, and we are making 
great progress on our game. 
In the future i plan on studying chemical engineering.

Brendan Collins
-Marketing Team-

I am 14 years old and I go to Carmel Catholic High School. I run cross country for my high school, and I am planning on doing track. I enjoy biking, photography, and making things from Legos. In my future, I would like to study mechanical or medical engineering.

Zach Schneider
"Finance major"
-Build Team-

He is 18 years old and attends Carmel Catholic High School. In the fall, he was the co-captain on the varsity cross country team. In the spring, he competes on the track team. He is the senior member on the pole vaulting team, and also is the captain of the entire boys track team.  In his free time he loves to go on long runs and continue training for his running career in college. Along with pursuing cross country, in college Zach is planning to major in Finance.

Danny Donahoe 

-Programming Team Lead- 

I'm 18 years old, and am a senior attending 
Carmel Catholic High School. In my free time I like to play tennis, free-climbing, and playing the piano. I partake in the school band, playing the trumpet. I helped start the school robotics club in 2012, and I am the current vice president.

Jake Tripp


-CAD -

I am 18 years old and I am a senior at Wauconda High School. I play on the golf team for Wauconda.  I also like to snowboard, play hockey, go ice fishing, and go snowmobiling in the winter.  In the summer I like to golf, go boating, wake boarding, jet-skiing.  In school I am part of STEM Club, Ambassadors Club, and Best Buddies.  I like doing outdoor activities, I also like listening to music, and hanging out with friends.  In the future I plan on studying mechanical engineering, or marketing, and getting a business degree.

Jason Hajduk 
"Where's My Cowboy Hat?!"
-Strategy Team-

I am 17 years old and attend Carmel Catholic High School. I am part of the math team at Carmel as well as the games club. I spend the rest of my time playing the oboe, preparing for the Pokemon Video Game Championships, and attending the Midwest Young Artist Concert Orchestra. I plan to go to college to study statistics or quantum physics. 

Tommy Donahoe

"It's Downloading"

-CAD Team Lead-

I am 15 years old, and I am a junior at Carmel Catholic High school. I am a member of the marching band and play clarinet. I enjoy playing tennis and swimming in my free time.
My goal to help this team is to help the team with strategy and staying within the rules of the game. In the future I plan to study mechanical engineering.

Ricky Blaha

"don't use that picture"

-Build Team-

He is 16 and he’s a sophomore at Carmel Catholic High School. Ricky is a member of his school marching band and jazz band and plays the alto and tenor saxophones. In the future he plans on going to college for a  degree in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Allen Mons

"Player King of New York City"

-Programming Team-

Allen Mons is 15 years old and is a freshman at Carmel Catholic High School. He likes video games and watching college basketball.  In school he is on math and robotics team.  His favorite subjects are science and mathematics. In college he plans to study engineering.

Brian Donahoe

Brian is a professional engineer, designing high-tech electronics software and products for a cutting edge engineering firm. He has BS degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and an MS degree in Electrical Engineering. He coached a FIRST Lego League robotics team for 6 years, advancing to the state tournament 3 times. He is also involved in his community, developing and maintaining the community's website and historical archive, installing and maintaining weather equipment for Mundelein and Three Lakes, coalescing and maintaining local seismic and astronomical data, and installing and maintaining water analysis/logging instrumentation/sensors in the community's watershed.

Jeff Coda

Jeff Coda is a graduate from Devry University. He has been employed by Elenco Electronics for over 30 years. Jeff oversees all educational sales for the company. This is his first year with FIRST. He is excited to learn and bring his experience to help the team succeed. Jeff enjoys playing golf and baseball. He has spent time coaching little league and scouts.

Debbie Donahoe

Debbie Donahoe has a B.S. degree
in Computer Engineering and an
M.S. degree in Computer Science.She coached a First Lego League robotics team for 6 years, advancing to the state tournament 3 times.
She worked as a software engineer
and manager at Motorola Cellular
for 12 years before joining Digital
Design Corporation, a hi-tech
electronics, software, and products
company. Debbie enjoys working with
young people and volunteers at her
children’s school.

Maritza Medina

Maritza Medina has a B.S degree in Health Care Leadership. She has been employed by Fresenius-Kabi for the past 18 years as a Clinical Education Manager for the Therapeutics Cellular Therapies division.  In her role Maritza provides clinical/technical support to hospitals and blood centers across North America. This is her first time as a coach with FIRST and is extremely excited about supporting and fostering our future young engineers with their career path. In her spare time Maritza volunteers at her local church Food Pantry, enjoys traveling, gardening and cooking.