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Greetings and Welcome to NY Anger Training-


I would like to bring your attention to an issue of serious concern which affects us on a regular basis. As you obviously are aware, poorly managed anger is frequently a factor in activities that lead both young people and adults into the criminal justice system. Often even when anger does not result in violence, if expressed in other unconstructive ways it can lead to losing a job, broken family relationships (divorce/separation), suspension from school and/or other school activities, summer programs, sport teams and other diminished opportunities that can lead up to more harmful results.


Anger management is a vital skill. When this skill is taught effectively to young people or adults, it can lead to significant reduction in aggression, hostility and violent behavior/outbursts. Today, I am offering you a service that provides those key skills that will help individuals identify their anger and deal with it in a more productive way. Anger is not always a negative emotion but it depends on how one reacts to a situation.


As a Master-level Social Worker, Custody/Visitation Mediator and Certified Anger Management Facilitator (CAMF), I would like to extend my training to the public. The overall goal of the support group is to help individuals identify triggers and THINK before they act on their anger- through role-playing, interactive group discussions and handouts/reading materials the groups aim to teach individuals how to control and manage anger, identify the root of anger and where we have learned how to respond to anger, exploring how our body reacts to anger, how anger can take a toll on our body, and how to be in tune with other people’s feelings (emotional intelligence). The groups are usually 8-10 week sessions that meet for about 90 minutes. However, if an organization would be more interested in one-day or two-day group session the curriculum can be adjusted to meet your organizational needs.


I would like to mention that some of the materials used in our anger management groups are from the model used in the Sony Pictures movie Anger Management starring Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler and Marisa Tomei. This model has also been approved by several states for use in the training of Probation, Parole and Correctional Officers, youth groups, domestic violence related cases and many other social service settings. For more information about this curriculum, please visit www.andersonservices.com.


Please be advised that these groups are structured as educational or psycho-educational rather than psychotherapy or clinical consultation. Should you feel these services are of interest to you or to your organization, please feel free to contact me at NYAngerTraining@aol.com. I am available to facilitate discussion groups at your organization or individuals can be referred for group or individual sessions.


Reduced fees are available for non-profit agencies and individuals who are interested but are experiencing economic hardships.


I look forward to working with you in the future.


 Respectfully submitted,


Kenia Maldonado, LMSW, CAMF