New York Applied Algebra Colloquium


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Time:          Fridays at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Place:          CUNY Graduate Center, Room 3209
                   365 Fifth Avenue (between 34 and 35th streets), New York, NY.

Fall 2017 Schedule

 27Speaker: Philip Wesolek (Binghamton)
Title: Tree almost automorphism groups: elements and subgroups
(Joint work with A. Le Boudec) We begin by giving a detailed overview of the tree almost automorphism groups, which are rather exotic locally compact groups. In particular, we describe their relationship to the Higman-Thompson groups.
We then discuss several structure results for elements and subgroups. For example, each almost automorphism comes in exactly one of two types, analogous to the elliptic or hyperbolic dichotomy for the classical case of tree automorphisms.  As applications, we recover a result for Thompson's group V as well as a new observation about the Röver group.

Spring 2017 Schedule

 12Speaker: Eliyahu Rips (Hebrew University)
Title: Toward a group-like small cancellation theory for rings
Joint work with Agata Atkarskaya, Alexei Kanel-Belov and Eugene Plotkin