Because phones are just meant to control robots! 

NXTPad is a free open source windows mobile application for proportionally controlling the NXT brick via bluetooth. You can download a cab file in the downloads section. It should run on any PPC with WM5 or WM6.

(You'll probably also need the .NET compact framework 3.5)

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How it works

NXTPad sends a text string with steering directions to the NXT brick. In the NXT you can then convert the string to numbers and wire the numbers in to your motor controls. The conversion is done using the the custom text manipulation blocks or the custom myblock in the download section.

Example NXTPad output string:

 characters  function  range 
 1  direction  0-1 
 3-6  steering  -100 to 100 
 8-11  power  0 to 100
 13-16  x coordinate
 -100 to 100
 18-21  y coordinate  -100 to 100
23-26   action button statuses   byte, binary.
 28  action button held down   0 (nothing pressed)
 4 (button 4 held)

Many thanks to:
Lucas Döring for helping to develop the WM version and adding new features   
Jorge Cardoso for kindly helping me out with the NXT Bluetooth protocol
Dave Parker from the great NXTPrograms site.
The people at, especially Linus and John Hansen