West Coast Trungkar

Registration deadline for NWTCA Summer Camp 2019 is Saturday, July 6, 2019. Visit http://www.nwtca.org/summercamp to register.

We are extremely excited to announce that Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association (NWTCA) will host the 2019 West Coast Trungkar Celebration in Portland, Oregon from Thursday, July 4th through Saturday, July 6th, 2019. 

NWTCA is determined to make this year's Trungkar celebration, an event to remember for, and we wish to extend our invitation to each and every one in your community to the City of Roses. Please join us this summer for a grand celebration of His Holiness' birthday as we honor His Holiness lifelong commitment to our cause and his enormous contribution to the greater world. As was the focus since the inception of this annual West Coast event, we aim to make this year’s Trungkar celebration filled with fun, laughter, reunion and most importantly a celebration of our rich culture, traditions and values that we pass along to the next generation, and an affirmation of our strong bonds within our West Coast Tibetan communities.

Although we have our earnest intentions to make this a grand celebration, we will need your cooperation to make it a success. We request your active participation in all the events and activities and your very rigorous encouragement to your communities to participate in the programs and activities. Our preliminary list of event categories are as follows:

Sporting Events: -  Basketball (Adults)
-  Basketball (Children: Ages 9 to 12,
   Optional Ages 13 – 16)
-  Soccer (Adults)
-  Soccer (Children: Ages 9 to 14)
Cultural Performances: -  One group song - Nyamshe
-  One group dance - Thrapshey
-  One individual dance/performance – Kyangshey
Talent Contest: The talent show will be open to the public. We encourage at least two (2) talents from each community. The candidates may send in their names and their performance in advance to tibetanwcp@gmail.com. In the event the talent list is long, we will do a selection and finalize the list on the day of the event.
Speaker Series:  Youth Empowerment Forum
Life in the Diaspora: Navigating Cultures, Finding Success and Creating Impact

Panel Discussion
Implementing His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Envisioned Education System in the West

Tibetan Resilience Tour
Promoting two of the most important initiatives under the current Kashag's Five-Fifty Vision: Tibet Corps and Gangjong Bank
Tibetan Calligraphy:Workshop by Tamding Arts
 Concert Evening: Featuring Yeshe Khando (NYC), Tenzin Phuntsok (Portland) and Tenzin Dhondup (Toronto), more to confirm.
Children's Activities:  There will be many fun activities to entertain our little ones, including art and calligraphy with great prizes.

We remain true to our commitment and tradition of providing delicious and healthy lunch and dinner with refreshments during these three days. As the best foodies in our community are geared up to bring you the best, we won’t fail your taste buds.

Prioritizing the value of bringing our communities together over raising funds, this year our tickets will be reasonably priced making it attractive for everyone. The entrance pricing includes access to all the events and food for all three days. 

Entrance rates for this year’s Trungkar celebrations are as follows:

Advance Rates for three (3) days: At-the-Door Sale:
-  Adults: $100.00
-  Children (Ages 10-15): $50.00
-  Adults for three (3) days: $125.00
-  Children for three (3) days: $75.00

-  Adults Daily rate: $60.00
-  Children (Ages 10-15) daily rate: $30.00

We are sure by now we have convinced you, so please participate and encourage your community to do so. Your consistent efforts to share this information with your respective communities and your encouragement will be the secret to a successful and grand 2019 West Coast Trungkar celebration.

Thank you in advance for all for your efforts. 
We will apprise you once our online registration opens. 

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