Your membership and participation in NWTCA’s programs and activities are ways to be part of your culture and community. What would it mean if your children have no way of experiencing Tibetan cultural traditions and no way of sharing experiences with another Tibetan-American children? What if there was no place of worship and no way to hear, learn and practice your spiritual traditions? What would it be like being the only Tibetan in an area? NWTCA provides programs and activities for your children to learn your own language, songs and dances. You and your parents can come to Bhod Khang to offer prayers, hear and understand teachings and make a spiritual connection. Being a part of NWTCA, you can establish a true sense of your own cultural roots. 

Tibetans inside Tibet are considered second class citizens in their own land. In a free nation, we have an opportunity to learn and preserve our traditions and culture. So take this wonderful opportunity and make a contribution towards your culture and community by being an NWTCA member.

If you missed our Losar Party and didn't have the opportunity to renew your membership for 2018, we request you to do so by mail by following the steps below:
  1. Write the names of all your family members on a piece of paper
  2. Make a check payable to NWTCA
  3. Mail them to this address - NWTCA, PO Box 20667, Portland, OR 97294 

Annual Dues:

 Age Groups USD
 Seniors (65+)      5
 Adults  10
 7 - 18  5