Community Center

The NWTCA invited His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Portland in 2001. Following his visit, we received two sizable donations. The Lemelson family donated a 9-acre piece of land, and Eric Lemelson donated $1 million to our organization. Due to development challenges, the NWTCA was unable to build on the land and sought permission from the Lemelson family to sell it. With the family’s consent, the NWTCA sold the property in 2011. Their generous donation allowed the NWTCA to purchase a new property to accommodate our growing community.

Our beautiful new community center sits on 1.5 acres of land with a building footprint of approximately 17,000 square feet. The building consists of a main auditorium, prayer hall, office, multi-purpose room, kitchen, five classrooms and 88 parking stalls. The property was purchased in April 2012 for $1.7 million and part of the building was renovated for $476,000. The community actively participated in the renovation process, contributing $127,000 and 1,500 hours of back-breaking landscaping and tiling work. In addition to being much larger than our old center, the new building is centrally located and easily accessible.