International Languages Home

Welcome to International Languages at NWSS !

Here are some links to help you learn about the languages and cultures that are offered at our school.

BBC Audio and video lessons -  Multimedia language practice with authentic videos. Filmed in France.
Frenchpod - French lessons podcasts
TV5 Monde - Comprehensive site from France. News, French lessons, and great videos !
Grand dictionnaire terminologique - Office québécois de la lange française


Associative Kanji Learning - Practice writing and identifying Kanji through quizzes.
Japanese Language Resource  - All about culture, food, photo galleries, and more.
BBC Japenese lessons - Audio and video course for beginners.


BBC Audio and video lessons. Includes telenovela "Mi Vida Loca"
Spanishpod -  Spanish lessons podcasts
Study - Extra language practice
Generación 21 - An e-zine for Latin American youth
WatchKnow-Spanish - learn songs, grammar, conversation, by watching videos


Punjabi Language - Practice the language and learn about Punjabi culture.

All Languages

Yabla - Language immersion lessons in Spanish, French and English through online videos filmed throughout the world. - Listen to pronunciation of  words in all the world's languages
Radio Canada International - offers lessons, podcasts, and news in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese...

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