International Languages Treasure Hunt

International Languages Treasure Hunt

  *  To make you aware of the kinds of information about culture and language available to you online.      
  *  To help you locate useful resources for learning about the language and culture you are studying.
  *  To encourage you to seek out intercultural experiences even if you are not studying the language.


  • Complete the "hunt" in any order. Record your answers on a separate piece of paper. Don't forget to number your answers ! 
  • Questions relate to the websites linked to this site, but you may need to do additional looking within the site.
  • Occasional short meanderings are encouraged.
  • If you get "stuck," either go to another question and come back later or ask for help.


1. Which Japanese phrase would you say upon meeting someone for the first time ?

a. Otearai

b. Hajimemashite

c. Lie, kekko desu

d. Arigato gozaimasu

2. What are the three types of alphabets used in Japanese writing ?

3. What is the name of the biggest mountain in Japan ? How high is it ?

4. What is Yomiuri Land ? What animal is the official mascot ?

5. What’s the weather in Tokyo right now ?

6. Write this character's  name in Japanese :


a. ___________________

7. Who is this character in English ? ぱんくんち


8. What is Chichen Itza ? Where is it ?

 Zoom to Malabo :


9. In which country is Malabo located ?

10. Which country is located to the north ?

11. What is the official language of Malabo ?

12. Outdoor mural painting is a popular form of art which Latinos have incorporated into the cultural heritage of the United States.  Watch the mural slideshow and indicate where in the world these murals are located:

a.  Maestrapeace
b.  Maria y Libertad
c.  The War at Home
d.  Puerto Rican Woman
e.  Secret Book


Visit Paris

13. Drag and drop the “yellow man” on the left side of the map to any street Paris. (You might want to click on “Zoom here” first). What happens when you move “yellow man” like this?

14. On the top left corner there is a wheel with 4 arrows.  What happens when you use this function ?

15. At the top of the map there is a box named “ More“. What five features are listed under this box ?

16, Which of these is NOT a feature of the Tour de France website ?

a. Online store
b. Picture gallery
c. Live videostream
d. Weather forecast
e. Historical background
f. Statistics about teams
g. Tourism links to cities on the Tour
h. Training tips for amateur cyclists

17. Watch the video about Guadeloupe.  Name 6 tourist activities one can do while on holidays in Guadeloupe.









18. Online dictionaries : Odd one out : Look up these words in French and determine which of the following is not suitable for vegetarians:

a. Agneau

b. Pomme

c. Fraises

d. Haricots


19. Who did BBC readers around the world vote as the Star of the Millennium ?

Visit this site about Indian musicals :

20. How many Bollywood movies are released every year ?

21. How long does a typical Bollywood movie run ?

22.Name a Hollywood film that has been influenced by Bollywood ?

23. How long is the film Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India, and how many musical numbers does it have ?

24. Indian Food : Match these popular Indian dishes with their description

 i. Batata Song
  a. Chicken curry
 ii. AAm Ki Lassi   b. Small potato cakes
 iii. Parantha   c. Mango yogurt drink
 iv. Tikki   d. Fried bread
 v. Kori Ajadina   e.  Frozen dessert

First Nations

25. What is a pow wow ? If you were invited to attend what might you see?

26. What is Halkomelem

27. What is the traditional native language of New Westminster ?

28. Visit the First Voices website and choose -> Learn our Language -> search word list -> and write these words in Halkomelem.

a. Hello

b. Goodbye

c. River



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