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New World Rhythmatism

New World Rhythmatism

New World Rhythmatism is a collaborative approach to community percussion, dance, and chant that utilizes a shared set of calls, gestures, and generalized frameworks to create refined group improvisations. Each individual in the ensemble participates as both leader and follower, applying NWR methods to co-produce complex musical ideas and group choreography that spontaneously unfold over the course of each session.

A session is a convergence of Rhythmatists who contribute the gifts of their practice to inspire, provoke, and nurture each other in a shared exploration of artful relationship.

NWR's emphasis on dynamic interactions between drummers, dancers, and singers (chanters) results in a collaborative experience that combines self expression and group creativity in an endless process of discovery. The interdependence between these three arts propels the action from moment to moment as participants inspire, support, challenge and adjust to teach other's experimentations. The quality of relationship and depth of practice that grows out of this creative communion becomes the emotional content of the art. In NWR, the beauty is as much a reflection of how we play together, as it is an expression technical skill.

The form was developed by Joshua and Deborah Levin. NWR can be applied to different styles of drum, dance, and chant. 

New World Rhythmatism is a distinctly modern method for integrating the ancient vehicles of community based rhythmic life. It is designed to account for the wide ranging diversity and lack of coherent cultural history that characterizes community music and dance in the West. The goal of NWR mirrors the challenge posed by our globalizing world: "how can we share vision and control, attend to each other's needs and desires, and learn to live and play well together?" Rhythmatists treat this question as the guiding principle behind the beauty they create with one another.

Guidebook to New World Rhythmatism

We want as many people as possible to have fun with this extraordinary method, so we have gone digital. 

Regardless of whether you pursue NWR, this guidebook is full of gems for rhythmatists of all stripes.
  • 171 Pages describing and explaining all you need to know to get started integrating this practice into your own ensemble.  
  • The full menu of ensemble calls and explanations for infinite creativity. 
  • Notation for eighteen traditional and  seventeen contemporary rhythms. 
  • Detailed instructions for developing musical ideas and cultivating rhythmic skills. 
  • Exercises to empower beginning drummers. 
  • Tools to delight and inspire advanced players. 
  • "Contemplations" to help reflect on some of the deeper lessons from your practice. 
  • History, theory, and philosophy of the rhythmic arts. 
Unless you've seen NWR before, you've never seen a system for playing together like this. 

We love it so much we want to share it with the world. We're so confident you'll dig it, we provide a...

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NWR in 50seconds

Live at Wonderground: Abigail talks through some of the communication 
cues used by the dancers to create in the moment.

Performance at the 2007, Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive

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Contact Deborah for dance class information: deb@mythfits.com
Joshua teaches an introductory course (no experience necessary at the College of Southern Nevada)
Contact Joshua or Matthew Conners for private lessons.


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