Welcome to our Administrative Hub for the Intersections project. Intersections is sponsored by NSF and led by NWP and ASTC along with with Inverness Research Associates. This site provides a place to keep and share basic project information related to our work together, including links to additional communication spaces like our Google groups (listserv) and our public G+ community.  Explore these sites and bookmark them for later reference. 

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Team members from both cohorts will gathered at the Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle, Washington this summer to build and refine resources for our new website. We are excited to share the fruits of this labor soon.

Intersections Listserv (Announcements)

This is the listserv. It's a Google group. Use this for announcements and other occasional important messages. All Intersections participants should join it. The list is fully operational here on the this page, but will also show up in your list of google groups through your google account.(Learn more about your google account.)