for the Maritime Pacific Northwest
Prepared by Michael Pilarski, Friends of the Trees Society
Version 3, March 18, 2015
Version 2, November 22, 2014
Version 1, November 18, 2014
Version 3 has about 20 additions and changes. In the three days after Version 1 went out, 21 people sent feedback resulting in one deletion and 11 additions to the 2nd edition.
The following is the tip of the iceberg, but it is a start. For the time being this directory focuses on Washington and Oregon west of the Cascade crest.  There is some information for western British Columbia and a bit in northern California. While northern California and coastal BC are part of the Cascadia bioregion, they have other permaculture organizations serving them and I am not as familiar with the permaculture situation there. Ideally, someone from those areas will put together a list for their regions. The long-term goal is to have credible directories for all regions of North America.  I made a first edition of a nationwide list to take to NAPC. This first edition of the maritime PNW is another baby step forward. Let us inspire each other.
I have already done a Permaculture Directory for the Inland Northwest (Columbiana bioregion). Montana, Idaho and Washington and Oregon east of the Cascade Crest. It can be found at:
http://inlandnorthwestpermaculture.com/ click on INPC Directory.
This is not a list of permaculture design course graduates, which would be many times larger. It is a listing of people and entities who are publicly promoting permaculture.  It is based on my personal knowledge (albeit incomplete memory) and some internet searching. I hope not too many people get mad at me for forgetting to include them, or for adding them to this list, or misspelling names or getting numbers wrong. I did the best I could and it can only get better.
We want to make this an online resource. It should be database driven, not a static page. An expanding, crowd-sourced, public project. I don’t have these skills to do so.  Anyone like to take this on or be part of a team? is to install input forms on one of the websites, so that people can add themselves, modify their listings, and add a photo if they wish.
Please send additions and changes.
If you are listed and wish to be removed let me know.
Michael Pilarski, Friends of the Trees Society