Instructional Resources Guide for C3WP | Secondary

The Instructional Resources Guide is the key to how the C3WP works and teachers’ best friend as they create an argument writing curriculum that develops across the year through multiple C3WP Cycles of Instruction

Each Resource:
  • Focuses on a specific set of skills or practices in argument writing that build over the course of an academic year
  • Provides text sets that represent multiple perspectives on a single topic, beyond pro and con
  • Engages students iterative reading and writing practices that build knowledge about a conversation focused on a single topic
  • Supports the writing of recursive claims that emerge and evolve through the reading and writing process
  • Supports students in creating intentional organizational structures that are designed to advance the argument, not based on formulas (e.g. five-paragraph theme)
  • Provides formative assessment opportunities embedded in classroom practice and professional conversations that identify areas of strength and inform next steps for teaching and learning

The categories in the gray bars organize the materials in groups that progress in sophistication and complexity. The resources in Entering the Conversation and Using Source Material Purposefully are relatively short, easy to use, and seek to initiate students into source-based arguments. Advancing Arguments with Evidence and Researching Self-Selected Topics depend on students already having experienced some of the the resources in the previous categories and are ready to tackle more sophisticated skills. The resources in Supplementary Resources can be used to supplement any part of the instruction.

C3WP is not a curriculum to be followed; it’s an organized set of rich materials that work in conjunction with National Writing Project professional development and C3WP formative assessment tools. Teachers, in consultation with NWP teacher-leaders, design their own path through the materials, choosing the resources that best fit the skill level of their students. To support teachers as they develop that path, C3WP’s formative assessment resources help teachers see what their students already know and what they are ready to learn. The guide works in tandem with frequent formative opportunities that are embedded in classroom practice and professional conversations.

To access each instructional resource, click on the title below, or follow this link to the live document that allows for easier access and downloading of the guide.

2018 C3WP Instructional Resources Guide | DRAFT

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