Welcome to the National Writing Project's College-Ready Writers Program (CRWP) Website

This website frames an inquiry into the teaching of source-based argument writing by organizing materials from the National Writing Project's College-Ready Writers Program (CRWP). The purpose of this website is to provide teachers with tools and resources for teaching argument. 

About the CRWP

The central goal of the College-­Ready Writers Program (CRWP) is to help students become skilled at writing arguments from nonfiction sources.

What is the College-Ready Writers Program?
CRWP Resources

The program includes scaffolded teaching and formative assessment resources created by a team of NWP teacher‐leaders that support the development of students’ argument writing.

CRWP Resources
Formative Assessment in CRWP
The program features systematic formative assessment to inform next steps in instruction, including the Using Sources Tool, which supports teachers in analyzing how students make and support claims using evidence from sources.

Formative Assessment Tools