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Keynote Speakers

Morning Keynote:

Brian Stevens, CP, SP

"Cutting-Edge Geospatial and Remote Sensing Tools"

Utilizing remote sensing technology along with the base mapping layers of high resolution ortho-imagery and LiDAR, the Pennsylvania Lake Erie Watershed Team has implemented a process that efficiently and effectively delineated impervious surfaces, calculated the Lake Erie Bluff-Line, created a connected hydrology dataset (3D streams, rivers, lakes, ponds) and watershed boundaries.  All the data layers in combination are being used to analyze runoff from existing developed areas and the surrounding undeveloped terrain, how that runoff is entering the bodies of water and where those bodies of water are transporting drainage throughout the watershed. The technologies and datasets used in the drainage analysis are cutting edge and evolutionary in their application.


Mid-Day Keynote Speakers:

Mark Maguire, GISP (CEC);
Matt Mercurio, GISP (Civic Mapper/Spatial Analytix); and,
Robert Schwartz, GISP (Remote Intelligence)

"Up, Up, and Away!"

Even though the commercial drone market is a relatively new one, the technology surrounding this industry is exploding at break neck speed. It is difficult to keep on top of what’s new, what’s junk, and what’s helpful. This presentation will attempt to cover some of the latest technology related to UAV's, their sensors, and processing software etc.