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Call for Participation

Deadline for presentation submissions is September 23, 2015

You are invited to participate in the 10th Annual Northwest Pennsylvania GIS Conference that will be held on October 15-16, 2015 at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  This event will once again be hosted by Clarion University.

It will be a pleasure to share with you:

  • Exciting presentations from varied participants in the field.
  • Exhibitors from renowned national and regional companies and agencies.
  • Map gallery/poster session
  • Other events that will be available and advertised for on the conference’s website soon.

Please visit www.nwpagisconference.com/ for more information or for registration to attend, present and/or exhibit.Presentationexhibition, and map gallery entry. Please pass along this information to anyone who may benefit from attending this event.

Presentations are especially encouraged in the following tracks:

  • Emergency Management: GIS role in preparedness, mitigation and remediation
  • GIS in Education: Open for students and educators in general to share their projects, experiences and applications.
  • Oil and Gas Applications.
  • Emerging Technologies/Web & Mobile GIS
  • Natural Resources Management.
  • Open Topics for your interesting application, how-to, theories and methods in geospatial technologies or related fields.


Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Yasser Ayad (yayad@clarion.edu) for sponsorship opportunities, or for questions or comments. Looking forward meeting with you at the Conference.

We are looking forward seeing you in this year's conference. Register now.