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2021 Pancake Breakfast date is May 1st.  Because of COVID concerns it will be breakfast only. 

The Northwest Ohio Maple Syrup Producers organization was formed in 1992. Although the process of making maple syrup is centuries old, we realize we need to embrace new technology to help inform people of the history and wholesomeness of our product. Thus we have created this website. Here you will find information on both the product and those who produce it. We hope you find it informative and useful. If you wish to purchase pure maple syrup or maple syrup products please go to the Members page where you will find contact information.


Northwest Ohio Maple Syrup Producers

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This website is sponsored by the Northwest Ohio Maple Syrup Producers Association. Our goal is to educate people about how we make maple syrup. It is an age old process yet we find many who are unaware of all that is involved in making maple syrup.

March 11th Youth Education Day- school and home school groups RSVP required @ 419-636-9395





Maple Syrup is a natural, safe and healthy food product. It contains no additives of any kind and nothing is more natural. At a time when people are becoming more concious of where and how their food is produced, we want to make sure they know about our locally prodcued pure maple syrup.