Northwest Neighborhood Cultural Center

Greetings Current and Potential Members and Guests,

Our mission is to preserve this fine building for use by all members of our neighborhood today and for the next generation.  The Cultural Center building at 1819 NW Everett Street is currently leased by the Northwest Children's Theater and School.  It has come to my attention that many folks are interested in getting tickets to our wonderful home tour on Sunday May 4, 2014.
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If you have not read the wonderful article in this month's NW Examiner I encourage you to read the article written by our board member Dan Volkmeer

The Cultural Center building is a historic landmark in need of major renovation and restoration.  Preservation activities and safety improvements are an on-going focus of the fund-raising efforts by the NWNCC board and the Northwest Children's Theater.  Last year our board worked together to repair the East and West Chimneys this year we are working on egress issues.  The Stately Home Tour is our board's annual fundraiser please come on May 4, 2014.   We love to use this opportunity to highlight the cultural history of our neighborhood, homes saved by activists in the 1970s, and the talents of the Northwest Children's Theater and School.  If you are interested in participating in those efforts, please contact Tanya March

Thank you,
The NWNCC Board

Postcard Image Above Courtesy Steve Kenny