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About Me

I have had a strong passion for birds all my life. I have always had birds myself but it wasn't until recently that I began to seriously breed canaries. In the past I have bred finches but I had recently become focused on canaries and bought my first mosaic canary in January of 2011. My knowledge of birds has gone back to the age of six and I continue to educate myself and employ the most sound breeding practices to provide my fellow bird lovers with the most beautiful and healthy canaries in the Pacific Northwest. 

My experience with birds has ranged from assisting with Christmas Bird Counts, assistance with leading local bird trips with the Seattle Audubon Society, falconry, breeding finches and now canaries. I have a 18 year old normal grey cockatiel and a 7 year old green cheeked conure; both of course believe they are in charge of the household. I am extremely interested in being a source for neotropical softbills like the paradise tanager, spotted tanager and red legged honeycreeper to name a few (the list goes on). I am also working on becoming a breeder of various species of sunbirds. 

I am a member of:
  • American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) - currently the WA delegate for AFA
  • American Bird Conservancy (ABC)
  • Cascade Canary Breeders Association (CCBA)
I am also an AFA Certified Aviculturist, Level I and working on my level II certification. I am also the Washington Coordinator for AFA reporting to Julie Corwin, Northwest Director for AFA.