Wireless classroom

Teacher Reflection
I believe it is important to utilize technologies that students consider relevant and connected to the "real world."  Two technologies I have recently integrated into my classroom are Promethean Acti-Votes and cell phone texting.  Acti-Votes allow students to use a wireless device to answer a variety of questions displayed on the Active Board.  Student responses are anonymously displayed so students get instant feedback within a safe environment.  The Promethean technology allows the whole class to participate on Study Island providing valuable assessment data for students, parents, and teacher.  I also use "Poll Everywhere" website where I can create an array of surveys and questions allowing students to anonymously text responses.  The site instantly tallies data and displays a variety of graphs in real time as the students respond.
Student Reflections
I like using the Acti-votes.  It's an easy way for everyone to answer.  And, I would be ok if we used them everyday.  Its fun playing Study Island on there.  We could use them for silent voting, like when you don't want us to talk.
I'm reflecting on voting with our cell phones.  It was comepletely awesome.  I had a blast and learned a lot too.  I just felt kind of bad for those who didn't have phones.
I liked being able to use your cell phone in class.  I like it because it combined my 2 favorite things, texting and computers.  I think people are more into the lesson.  It is lots and lots of fun.
I liked utilizing the Acti-vote key pads because it was fun.  We also could learned by Acti-votes.