2016 Invitational Results

2015 Invitational Results
1. Olympia (Winds, Auxiliary)
2. Ridgeview
3. Dwight Township (Percussion)
4. Kewanee

1. East Peoria (Percussion)
2. LaSalle-Peru (Winds)
3. Herscher
4. Eureka (Auxiliary)

A/AA Grand Champion- East Peoria

1. United Township (Percussion)
2. Normal Community (Winds, Auxiliary)
3. IVC
4. U-High
5. Prairie Central

1. Morton (Winds)
2. Bloomington
3. Romeoville (Percussion, Auxiliary)
4. Rock Island
5. Galesburg

AAA/AAAA Grand Champion: Morton

2014 Invitational Results

1.  Eureka HS (Winds, Percussion, Auxiliary)
2.  Ridgeview HS
3.  El Paso-Gridley HS

1.  East Peoria HS (Winds, Percussion, Auxiliary)
2.  Effingham HS
(Pontiac Township High School withdrew as a result of the weather delays.)

1.  Pekin Community HS (Winds-tie)
2.  Herscher HS (Winds-tie, Auxiliary)
3.  University HS (Percussion)

As a result of inclement weather, a portion of the AAAA competition was forced indoors.  For this reason, groups were not ranked.  The groups that appeared in AAAA, in alphabetical order, included Minooka Community HS, Morton HS, and Normal Community HS.

Because some groups performed indoors and others performed outdoors, no Grand Champion was named.

2013 Invitational Results
1.  Eureka HS (Winds, Aux)
2.  East Peoria Comm. HS (Perc)
3.  Paris Coop. HS
4.  Danville HS
5.  Mt. Zion HS
6.  Watseka HS
7.  Olympia HS
1.  Pontiac Twp. HS (Winds, Perc, Aux)
2.  Metamora Twp. HS
3.  LaSalle - Peru Twp. HS
4.  Tri-Valley HS
5.  Prairie Central HS
A/AA Grand Champion:  Pontiac Twp. HS 
1.  Limestone Comm. HS (Winds)
2.  Normal Comm. HS (Aux)
3.  Rock Island HS (Perc)
4.  Pekin Comm. HS
5.  Dunlap HS
6.  Illinois Valley Central HS
1.  Morton HS (Winds, Aux)
2.  Bloomington HS
3.  Naperville North HS
4.  Minooka Comm. HS (Perc) 
5.  Washington Comm. HS
AAA/AAAA Grand Champion:  Morton HS

2012 Invitational Results
1. Danville HS (Perc, Aux, DM)
2. Central A&M HS
3. Nashville Community HS

1. Pontiac Township HS (Aux)
2. University HS (Perc)
3. Prairie Central HS
4. Rushville-Industry HS (DM)

1. Morton HS (Perc, Aux)
2. Davenport Central HS (DM)
3. Limestone Community HS

Grand Champion: Morton HS