Are you a member of Union Station?

Our Advanced Advertising Strategies course at
Northwest Missouri State University is looking for volunteers to participate in a focus group session.

We are looking for current and former members of
Kansas City's Union Station.*

We'll be asking you questions related to your membership experiences.

Image (C) Copyright Union Station Kansas City
* New time/location:  The focus group session will now be held
Wednesday, Oct. 5 from 2:30 - 3:00 p.m.
in 233 Wells Hall
on the Northwest Missouri State University campus,
Maryville, Missouri.

[Interactive map here.]

*Requirements for focus group participants:
You must currently be, or have been, a member of Union Station in Kansas City.
Union Station has a variety of individual and family memberships providing reduced and free admission to Union Station attractions and exhibits.
 Information about Union Station memberships can be found here.

Do you qualify, and are you interested?
If so, please email us at:
or leave us a message at 660-620-8740.
* * * * * *

Advanced Advertising Strategies is a capstone course offered by the department of mass communication. Seniors in the class are practicing their communication-related skills, such as advertising, interactive content, social media, web publishing and design.
 See this site for more information about the class.

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