Assignments and Evaluations:  

Assignments and evaluations are designed to assist the student in relating to the subject matter of this program. The due date for assignments are indicated in the program Lesson Plan from the Instructor. During mid-term each student will meet with the Instructor and receive a progress report.

Computing Your Course Grade:
Quiz/Tests 25%
Homework 10%
Professionalism 10%
Lab Skills         30%
Final Exam 25%

Overall Course Grade Assignment:
A = 92% - 100%
B = 83% - 91%
C = 75% - 82%
D = 70% - 74%
F = below 70%

Students must achieve a minimum of 70% to successfully complete this program and graduate from Berkshire College, NWDAS. Students who do not pass this program with a minimum of 70% will not receive a Certificate of Completion. However, with the instructor’s approval, they are given another opportunity to continue in the next available start date. In this situation, there is no additional charge for tuition or fee.


As a Dental Assistant, you will most likely be employed in a private dental practice situation. This program is designed to help prepare you for employment, including information for resume writing, interviewing, etc. to successfully become a team member in a private dental practice situation, therefore, attendance in all class sessions is expected. It is imperative that assignments are not missed or are late. The student must contact the instructor ahead of time to discuss any issues causing alate assignment and together seek an acceptable solution.

Classroom attendance is only one day per week, typically on a Saturday. We start promptly at 8:00 a.m., break for 15-minutes in the morning, break for a thirty-minute lunch, break for 15-minutes in the afternoon, and continue until 5:00 p.m. You may remain in the building for your lunch break or visit a near-by eating establishment. Should you require additional teaching, one-on-one tutoring may be arranged with your instructor to ensure you understand and comprehend the required skills before moving on to the next skill sets.

Even though attendance is expected, it is reasonable to anticipate that you may encounter situations such as illness that may prevent your participation. Out of courtesy for the instructor and your fellow classmates, please call your instructor regarding your need to be absent. It is your responsibility to obtain materials and make up classroom work that is missed with your instructor. Formal attendance records are kept as part of the overall course evaluation.


Acceptable standards of conduct include behavior that:

  • Reflects the highest level of honesty and integrity;

  • Is civil, courteous, and respectful of all members of the community, their property, and the property of Berkshire College, NWDAS;

  • Encourages responsibility and prohibits the unlawful use of alcohol, illicit drugs, other substances, and weapons etc.

  • Promotes equality, language barriers and safety of its members and opposes those acts that harass, intimidate, or haze its members.

Violations will be brought to the attention of the Owner of Berkshire College, NWDAS, who will, in conference with the Dental Assistant Student and the Instructor, determine the validity of the offense; determine the continued participation in the Dental Assisting Program; and/or determine if civil authorities are required. Students who are found in violation of Student Standards of Conduct may request readmission no sooner than one year from the current class start date.