Average Student/Teacher ratio: 

From beginners to experienced, our powerful techniques encourage confidence that builds a solid foundation in team-work and proficient technical skills with a typical class size of 2 to 6 students. Our Instructor provides you with hands-on training, introduce you to new concepts and personally guide you towards your success. Our maximum teacher to student ratio is 1:6. 

Students learn in a working-clinic where other Dentists, Front Office Personnel and Registered Dental Assistants provide oral health-care to patients. Our school has four dedicated Operatory rooms as well as a Laboratory & Sterilization area. A large classroom is centered in the building set apart from the other dental professionals.

Teaching Methods: 

A variety of teaching methods may be employed to facilitate the goals and objectives of this course to include: reading assignments, lectures, learning activities, role plays, and written exams. The following media may be used to support classroom activities: World Wide Web, PowerPoint presentations, videotapes, and CD’s.


Learning activities in this program are designed to enhance the understanding of concepts and to provide practice in communicating concepts to patients. Opportunities will be provided to participate in small group discussions, role-playing, and various other classroom activities. As a student, you are expected to prepare in advance for these sessions and to participate in an appropriate manner. All students are considered mature enough to seek help and assistance from faculty and encouraged to ask questions during class sessions.