Admission standards: 
We do not require an entrance exam, however, we do require the student to conduct a self-analysis to determine if they are able to read, write, speak and understand the English language and capable to learn in an accelerated manner. This program is designed to support the student’s own development in the following foundational skills:

Basic Skills

Reading: Locate, understand, and interpret written information.

Writing: Communicate thoughts, ideas, information and message in writing.

Listening: Receive, attend to, interpret, & respond to verbal messages & other cues.

Speaking: Organize ideas and communicate orally.


Thinking Skills

Creative Thinking: Generate new ideas.

Decision Making: Specify goals and constraints, generate alternatives, consider risks, choose the best alternative.

Problem Solving: Recognize problems and devise and implement an ethical plan of action.

Know How to Learn: Use efficient learning techniques to acquire, apply new knowledge and skills.

Reasoning: Discover a rule or principle underlying the relationship between two or more objects, apply it when solving a problem.


Personal Qualities

Responsibility: Exert a high level of effort and persevere toward goal attainment.

Self-Esteem: Believe in one’s own self-worth and maintain a positive view of oneself.

Sociability: Demonstrate understanding, friendliness, adaptability, respect, empathy, politeness (courteous) in group settings.

Self-Management: Assess oneself accurately, set personal goals, monitor progress, exhibit self-control.

Integrity and Honesty: Choose ethical courses of action.

At a minimum, High School Graduate or GED Equivalent - Enrollment is open to any person at the minimum age of 18 with a High School Diploma or GED Certificate. High School Seniors may take this course while attending High School as long as their Guidance Counselor provides a letter stating the student is on track to graduate with their class for the current year.

Medical Requirements - You must start your Hepatitis B Immunization, series #1, and a TB skin test prior to your start date. As proof, we require a copy of your medical documentation with your registration enrollment contract.