Our refund policy is in compliance with WAC 490-105-130. An application does not enroll a student. The signed enrollment contract and a payment made constitutes student status of enrollment. To withdraw from enrollment, cancel the enrollment contract by submitting a signed written notice to Berkshire College, NWDAS, at the address shown on the enrollment contract. The written notice must be submitted no later than midnight of the 5th business day (excludes Sundays and Holidays) following your signing and submitting the enrollment contract. The written notice may be hand-delivered to the NWDAS training facility with the timeframe as well. Berkshire College, NWDAS, will refund all money paid (except for the $50.00 convenience fee, if paid) if the student cancels within five business days after the day the enrollment contract is signed or an initial payment is made, as long as the student has not begun training. 

Once you start class and if you decide to terminate your training, we have the right to retain a percentage of the total tuition based on the amount of training completed as shown below.

If the student completes the following amount of training, NWDAS reserves the right to keep a percentage of the tuition paid:                                                 

  1. One week of training, NWDAS keeps 10%;

  2. Two weeks of training, NWDAS keeps 20%;

  3. Three weeks of training, NWDAS keeps 30%;

  4. Four weeks of training, NWDAS keeps 40%;

  5. Five weeks of training, NWDAS keeps 50%;

  6. More than five weeks of training, NWDAS keeps 100%.