WELCOME to accelerating your future with Berkshire College, North West Dental Assisting School!

Are  you thinking of  becoming  a Dental Assistant and wonder how you could possibly learn about oral health­-care in just ten weeks? It’s possible with Berkshire College, North West Dental Assisting School (NWDAS)…and we have made it affordable! Due  to the critical shortage  of Dental Assistants,  we  have  teamed  with  Washington  State Department  of  Health,  Washington  State  Workforce Board, and the Training and Education Coordination Board to reduce many  barriers helping you get into the workforce quickly. Our catalog will guide you through information about the Dental Assisting profession, our school licensure, history, our curriculum, and student requirements for you to be a successful  graduate  of Berkshire  College,  NWDAS. It is our intent to explain how we are  able to provide quality hands­-on training designed to propel you into the workforce in just ten weeks. Should you have additional questions, feel free to call us anytime.