Washington State
Workforce Training and
Education Coordinating Board

Private career schools and colleges, like Berkshire College, NWDAS, have a long history dating back to the early colonies. These independent schools provided job training opportunities for nearly two centuries before public institutions began offering vocational programs. In Washington State today, over 30,000 students are served annually in nearly 300 specialized private career schools and colleges. Many people choose private career schools and colleges because they offer students frequent start dates, flexible and focused programs, and continuous operating schedules, which allow students to complete their education as rapidly as possible. Most private career schools and colleges offer their graduates job placement assistance - a great opportunity of securing a wage sooner than if you were to go job hunting on your own.

Students graduating from private career schools and colleges are awarded a Certificate, Diploma, an Associate or Bachelor's Degree upon completion. Some states require students to obtain a State License or Registration before entering the job market. Generally, Diploma or Certificate Programs take less time to complete than programs offering Associate Degrees or Baccalaureate Degrees.

All private career schools are required to be Licensed or approved by an appropriate state agency. Diploma and ertificate programs must be licensed by the Workforce Training and Education Coordination Board. Degree-granting institutions must be approved by the Higher Education Coordinating Board. Each is required to adhere to the stringent regulations associated with obtaining the appropriate license or accreditation.