Dental  Assistants  work  under  the  close  supervision
of  dentists  and provide  supportive clinical  services  in direct  relationship  to  treating patients.  As  of  January 2009,  all  Dental Assistants  must register  with Washington State  Department  of  Health  to  practice  as a Dental Assistant.  The  “Registered  Dental  Assistant” becomes  an integral  part  of  the  oral  health workforce. According  to Washington State’s Oral Health Workforce 2009 final report #130, the population  in Washington  is expected  to grow  24%  between  2009  and  2025.  In addition, the senior community is expected to grow by 80% in the same time period. Because of Washington’s growth  in  population,  the  oral health workforce is  not  able  to  keep  pace  with  the  increase of diverse population  groups  from  infants  to  the elderly. There remains  a  great need for the oral health-­care including the demand for Dental Assistants.  

The  educational  choices  available  for  those who  want to  become  a Washington  State Registered  Dental Assistant range  from  on-­the-­job training  to  obtaining  a Bachelor’s  Degree. Community and Technical Colleges as well as Private Career Schools offer a variety of programs awarding either a Degree or a Certificate of Completion. The tuition for these options varies widely as well as the length of time to complete the skills and knowledge in oral healthcare. Washington State does not impose a time­line or type of educational institution to attend. They do, however, require the student undergo specific hours of particular subjects to learn. We provide that learning and more in only ten weeks.   

Because  of the  serious  shortage  of  Entry Level Dental Assistants, NWDAS provides an accelerated Ten Week  Dental  Assisting  Program. We provide  you  with  skills, knowledge  and hands-­on  confidence ­building techniques  that will change your life. Our program is effective for those who are able to learn at an accelerated and rapid pace and are serious about pursuing a career  in  Dental  Assisting.  In  addition,  our training  can assist  students  for  Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) testing; provide an introductory knowledge base towards Dental Hygiene  School; and serve as an introduction for those considering moving towards a career as a Doctor of Dentistry.  Every  hour  of training  at  Berkshire  College, NWDAS,  is  a  valuable experience; however,  we  do not  guarantee  transfer  of  hours  to  an institute  of higher  learning. Should  you choose to continue  your education  in  oral  healthcare  and  expect  to  transfer your  hours from NWDAS, please check with your institution of higher learning.