Urban and Suburban Coyote Sightings

Welcome to NWCoyote Tracker. This site was created with the intention of documenting the recent  increase in coyote sightings in Seattle, and for city residents to learn about living with urban wildlife. Reports from anywhere outside Seattle are more than welcome, and encouraged! I am not an expert on coyotes, just an urban dweller with an interest in wildlife. Please Read More about this site.

Information about Urban Coyote Management

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website about living with coyotes

The Fund For Animals website on coexisting with urban wildlife

 About Coyotes (Wikipedia)

June 2007 Seattle Times article on coyote's risk to pets in Seattle's Central District

October 2006 Seattle Times article about danger to pets

The map may also be viewed larger here . More recent sightings are more likely to be found there due to Google map display limitations.

In the News:

Links to the recent news stories about the Discovery Park coyote:

January 28th, 2008 Plans to Shoot Discovery Park Coyote on Hold

January 27th, 2008 Navy to Kill Discovery Park Coyote


Please send the location, date,time, photo and any other relevant notes to: nwcoyotetracker at gmail dot com

When emailing a location, please include  cross streets and nearby landmarks. This information will  not be included in the map point information, nor in any way shared with anyone. Thank you!

There are a few points that are not displaying on the map. If yours has vanished, please let me know. Apparently there is a limit to how many points will load onto a googlemap! It may take a little time to find a solution to this problem. Until then, the complete map may be viewed here. Please continue to email your sightings.

Please be aware that each point on the map is not necessarily a different coyote.