Representing the interests of residents in Brampton Ward 2

Who are we?

§A group of Brampton residents who want to help make our City a better place to live.
§Our view of Brampton is that it should:
  • §Be a city with small town flavor
  • §Have safe & friendly neighbourhoods
  • §Share a strong partnership between residents and city
  • §Provide residents with simple & easy access to city services

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What's New?

2010 Schedule - Next Meeting

The Schedule for 2010 has now been updated.  Please check out the Meetings Link for more information.  


UPDATE: October 29, 2009

Public Input provided at OMB Hearing

Yesterday, Wednesday, October 28th, 10 residents and 2 participants provided their statements to the OMB Chair.  Many residents turned out to listen to the proceedings in a show of support.  On behalf of the Task Force, our thanks to those who spoke and for Residents continued support.  

Now all we can do is wait.  It is expected that the Hearing will end by December and that a decision will be rendered 4-8 months later.  

UPDATE: October 21, 2009

OMB Hearing Provides for some limited Public Input

Next Wednesday, October 28th from 6pm to 7pm, the OMB will provide an opportunity for some Residents to provide feedback via a speaking opportunity.  We encourage all interested Residents to attend the City's public meeting on Tuesday October 27th, 7pm at Loafers Lake Recreation Centre.  This meeting will provide information on the OMB session the next day.  If you are interested in this process, we also suggest that you attend the OMB session on the 28th.  It will be located at the Provincial Courthouse on Ray Lawson Blvd, in Brampton, Courtroom B6 on the second floor.  For the most up to date information, check your locale editions of the Brampton Guardian.

August 10, 2009

Council Rejects Revised Proposal

Folks, just found out this news today.  We've been in an information blackout and only by continuing to ask what is going on over the last few months have we been able to get this latest info.  We are confused as to why we were not notified of this sooner.

It seems that the OMB Mediation was unsuccessful so the Developers submitted a revised Proposal on July 23rd to the City.  The revision stated a reduction in the number of Units to 792, however, maintaining the 6 towers as well as a 7-storey commercial building, 42 live/work units and a parkland dedication of 1.42 acres.  The Proposal went to Council last week where it was not approved.  

Please see attachments below for more information:

City of Brampton Media Release August 7, 2009

Developer Revised Planning Report July 22 2009

Developers Revised Site Plan July 22 2009

We will provide a briefing on this report at our next NWBCDA Meeting on Tuesday September 8th, 7:00pm at Loafers Lake Recreation Centre, Main Hall.

Bottom Line: Developers are still moving forward to the OMB with the revised proposal.  OMB Hearing is set to commence October 5, 2009 for six weeks.

UPDATE: July 10, 2009

OMB Mediation still on-going!

Sorry for the long delay in updates.  The OMB has set a date in October to commence the Hearing.  However, during the last few months, the Developer and the City have met with the OMB for Mediation, to see if some compromise or other solution can be found.  Mediation Hearings are private and are not open to the public.  The Task Force was not invited to participate in the Mediation Process.  We have been in constant communications with the City's Legal Representatives and Planning Department and as of today's date, no information has been released yet regarding the outcome of any Mediation.  We are getting no answers to our questions and we are being told that no information can be released until this Process is completed.  

This has been on-going for over 3 months and we still do not have any information to report. We hope to have some updated news by our September NWBCDA Meeting so please look for the meeting email in late August.  We share your frustration from the lack of response and the information blackout.

UPDATE: January 1, 2009

OMB Hearing Delayed!!  

In December, the Developers asked the OMB for an adjournment (delay) in the proceedings to sort out their traffic experts.  They also asked for OMB Mediation to discuss alternatives.

This has been granted by the OMB.  What this means is that the earliest a Hearing could start (should the Developers choose to proceed with the Appeal) would be late Summer/Fall of 2009.  

The Task Force is hoping to participate in the Mediation discussions but we may not be able too.  

With all this in mind, we have extended the deadline for Survey Responses to March 31, 2009.  If you have not sent in your Survey Response, please do so before this date.

To all those Residents who have responded, our heartfelt thanks go out to you. 

UPDATE: October, 2008

We need your help.  The Task Force has created a Survey which we would like interested residents from the Heart Lake Area (bounded by Bovaird, Hwy 410, Mayfield and Hurontario) to take part in our Survey.  Your opinions will be represented by us at the OMB Hearings starting January 12, 2009.  Please take a few minutes to read the survey and send us your response. 

You can download a copy of the Survey with instructions here:


or you can pickup/drop off the Survey at these two Heart Lake Plaza Businesses:  Vintners Exclusive Wines (West Side), Honey Brown Tanning Salon (East Side).

In order to maintaion our objectivity, we encourage you to download and read the latest Developers Response to the Planning Staff regarding the Refusal of the Application.  Please take some time to read this and then fill out our Survey.

You can Download the file from the Friends of Heartlake Website at this link below:


Heart Lake High-Rise Task Force

In early 2008, we created a Volunteer group to look at the proposed High-Rise Development planned for Loafers Lake.  Called "Citizens for Managed Development at Loafers Lake", great progress has been made to get more information on this proposal.

Check out their website at for more information! 


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