Replica SR Scales

As a collector, I am particularly interested in long scale slide rules, particularly the ones made by preparing and gluing paper scales onto the devices:  Fuller, Thacher and others.
I have been developing replica slide rule scales on and off for the last 12 years in PostScript.   This site has photos and files of replica scales that I've made.    In many cases these projects were on request;  I was supported by many people, who were looking for some particular slide rule rendered in PostScript.
In some cases, I intended the  scales to be 'facsimile', that is good enough to repair old instruments, or provide for an authentic looking replica.   In other cases, I've attempted to build generalized scales based on numerous similar models (e.g., the loga project).
I also have some SR scales that I built just to see what they'd look like.
Below:  A vintage 20 inch scale home-made slide rule I found in an antique store.  The  slide rule was made from laminated cardboard, hand lettered, and with a homemade cursor.  
"Home-made" Slide rule ca. 30s-40s   Author's collection
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