League Rules

2019 Updates - Here is what changed:
1-1  League Overview - simplified General Description
1-2 Eligibility - made it more clear that bitches in season, aggressive, ill, disabled dogs may not compete.
1-2 Eligibility - a substitute (if used) must be declared before the first walk through of that session.
1-2 Eligibility - removed "prospective member" from eligibility, added CAT student, clarified FEO eligibility
1-5 League Organization - changed the name Team Leader to Team Captain
1-6 Team Organization - set "middle to high level" for forming a team, removed mention of min number of teams per site
1.8 Communication - added direct link to NW Agility League web site in addition to Columbia Agility site.
1.9 Course Preview - added link as in 1.8
2.5 Course Layout - specifies the minimum size and clarifies that site leaders may determine course adjustments if arena is smaller than 60 x 90.
2.12 FEO - removed Prospective member

Stevie Viaene,
Aug 10, 2019, 7:17 AM