Blackboard Downtime:

Blackboard will be down for maintenance on Friday, March 7th, 2014, between the early morning hours of 12:00 am midnight to 06:00 am CT.  This 6-hour downtime is scheduled by our Blackboard Managed Hosting service for important infrastructure maintenance. Please exit the system at that time, and be sure to tell your students also.

Updates to Blackboard:

You will notice a few minor changes in Blackboard
  • Discussion Grading:  Once you are in the discussion grading area, there is no longer a list of all students down the right side.  The list of students can now be found under a down arrow at the top of the grading area.  Advance from student to student by using the left/right arrows at the top.
  • For Students – My Grades Sorting:  There are now sort options that students can use to see their grades.  Static columns remain at the top, but the lower items can be sorted by Due Date, Course Order, or Last Activity.  A video explanation can be found here: -- please share with your students:
  • Student View tool:  The student view tool [located under  Control Panel > Course Tools > Student View] no longer has a link to return to the instructor account.  This means, after switching to student view, you will need to log out and then log back in as instructor.  Another option is to use two different browsers [Firefox, Chrome, etc.] and use one for the student view and another for instructor, refreshing the student screen to see changes. 

Faculty Help Request Form Please use this online form if you need help moving content, adding test banks, and other time-intensive requests.

Required Blackboard Training:
If you need the required Blackboard training, or want to move up to the next level of distance teaching, please RSVP at the following links: 
Online Blackboard training session for classroom teachers:
For those teaching online or hybrid classes for the first time:   
Contact Nilly Al-Banna ( for more information about Blackboard training opportunities.

New Newsletter Subscriptions 

Distance Learning has purchased campus-wide subscriptions to The Teaching Professor and Online Classroom.  More info here:   and   Email Kate Burkes ( for the access code.