Welcome to my e-portfolio website.  Students graduation from the Library and Information Science master's degree program at San Jose State University are given the opportunity to create an online portfolio of their academic and profession work.  These 'e-portfolios' are structured around a set of core competencies that reflect the educational goals and professional training that SLIS students are expected achieve during their time in the program.

Organization of the E-portfolio

    This site is designed to allow readers to quickly and easily navigate between competency statements.  Each competency is discussed on its own page, which is linked in the navigation bar on the left.  The naming convention for each competency does not give a reader much of a clue as to what the competency is about, so for easier navigation, I have created a "List of Competencies" page that lists lists each competency statement and links to its page.  Those readers who are familiar with other E-portfolio projects will notice that I have numbered the competences rather than used the standard letter system.  This was at the request of my E-portfolio advisor.  The "List of Competency" page notes both the letter and the number for each competency.
    This portfolio also includes a statement discussing my approach to the field of Information Science and a short conclusion statement reflecting on my time in the program.
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